Real Reviews

The following are actual comments made by traders who purchased from EZ Trading Computers:

Fred, CA:

I have received all the system components, and installed them…All parts went together perfectly, and the system started with NO problems.    All the monitors work perfectly, your instructions were easy follow and perfect, and the system easily downloaded all the need trading software within minutes!!!!    The first several days of trading season (new year) have been great, fun, and very, very, very profitable……actually paid for the entire system and monitors in the first day, with the first two trades…..Response time and easy of use was great! THANKS very much!


Fred, TX:

I recently purchased the ZR-X from you and I can easily say it’s by far the best trading computer I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a lot of them. It’s so fast I’ll never have to worry about my charts hanging up like  they use to.  I found the ZR-X was the best comprise between price and performance I know that I’ll be able to count on it for years to come.

Harry, TX:

The customer service from EZ Trading Computers has handled my problem with FedEx professionally and urgently, thank you Eddie…  After placing my order for an EZ Trading Computer, I counted the days for  delivery from FedEx to get here and emailed for an update on my order. Right away I received a reply from Eddie saying he had proof of delivery and then called me personally.  FedEx had delivered my computer to the wrong address even though the box was addressed correctly.  Luckily for FedEx the person had not opened the box and was waiting for FedEx to come back and claim it. Thanks again Eddie



Jim, AR

After much comparison shopping, EZ Trading computers was the clear choice for my trading computer. The entire process from asking questions, making the purchase, and installing (turning on) the computer was “EZ”. At 6 months I have had zero issues. I am very confident that any issues that may come up will be handled just as “EZ”. Reliability and peace of mind are value added features at no extra cost.


Joe, WA

The transaction from start to finish was “top drawer.”  Great customer service, good recommendations, versatile pc, and for ease of setup, especially appreciated the help videos.


Keith C, KS writes:

The EZ trading computer has worked flawlessly. Only time I called customer service was about a setup question and it was superior service also. Been a religious HP user for years, but this EZ computer is the only one for me from now on.

(Keith bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)


Dan W, CA writes:

First time I haven’t bought a Dell computer in 15 years.  I always bought Dell for quality and support, but in speaking with Eddie Z I was convinced he was able to provide a laptop that would outperform my other options and be there to provide the backup if needed. Thanks Eddie Z

(Dan bought an 17.3″ Customized EZ Laptop)


John U, NJ writes:

Eddie, just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. After purchasing my 1st machine from you, it was a no brainer when it came time to upgrade my other machines in the office. Top quality components at a lower price. Keep up the good work!

(John purchased a Radical Viper & several other machines)


Guy B, TX writes:

I am delighted with my new computer. It was a breeze to set up and has functioned very well. Your computer replaced a brand name new computer that did not work from day 1. This of course is the kiss of death for a Trader. Without reliable hardware we are useless. If you maintain the quality of your product you have a customer for life.

(Guy bought a Viper EZ Trading Computer)


Michael B, OH writes:

The best thing about my EZ Trading Computer is that I can run as many programs as I need to without the system slowing down or crashing.  It makes my day so much easier knowing that my system won’tbe giving me problems. Hopefully I will have many years of continued joy with this computer. Thanks

(Michael bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

Marvin M, FL writes:

Eddie, I recently purchased the ZR-1 and it has been fantastic.  The speed compared to what I was using was like flying a propeller plane to a Supersonic Jet, and as a full time stock trader, speed does count.  It is quiet and stays cool which is a lot different from the one it replaced. I congratulate EZ Trading Computers on putting out such an outstanding product. 

(Marvin bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)


Brett A, OK writes:


I’m new to the world of day trading, but determined to be successful.  After dabbling for a year or using my laptop, I  began to see the need for more speed and multiple displays.  So… I googled “trading computers” and EZ Trading Computers was top of the list.  I researched several suppliers before settling on Eddie Z. and his four display ZR-1.  I am not disappointed.  In my humble but accurate opinion, he under promises and over delivers. 

(Brett bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)                


Matthew, DE writes:

Eddie of EZ Trading Computers offered me excellent customer service.  I interacted with him personally on a daily basis, tweaking my system design until I was totally satisfied.  I was able to customize a few parts, and the price increase was just what the additional parts cost.  He was prompt and available.  I could have built the same PC for a tiny bit less than what the system cost me, but having Eddie put it together and test it so it worked right out of the box was well worth doing.  His profit margin is very reasonable.  The PC is amazing.  The transaction was totally satisfactory.  I would recommend EZTC to anybody without reservation.

(Matthew bought a Mega EZ Trading Computer)


Troy, TX writes:


Bought the Ultra II EZ Computer a couple of months ago, fastest computer I have had, turn it on sit down and its ready to go. Paid an IT person to set it up and after going through it and getting it running with the dual monitors, stated he was very impressed with the computer making the statement “you don’t see them like this very often.”

(Troy bought and Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)


William, FL writes:


I am completely satisfied with my computer and your service. I received the equipment as promised and had no trouble with the setup, and the couple of questions I had were handled promptly and satisfactorily. The computer works just as promised and will be calling you when it is time to upgrade.

(William bought a Firebird EZ Trading Computer)



OA, NY writes:

Best computer I’ve ever owned and I work in the IT field.   Eddie and his team provided a great experience.  I would definitely recommend him, if you are looking for a super fast and reliable computer.

OA from New York.

(OA bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)


Cliff, TX writes:

Thanks for the quick delivery of my EZ Trading computer.  As promised, setup was a breeze.  I had the computer up and trading with my platforms the day it arrived.  It’s performance is faster than any computer I’ve ever had.  before I bought, I checked out other computers with similar hardware to the EZ Trading computer. I  saved several hundred dollars by ordering from you. I know if any problems should arise, (none have), I will have your tech support to rely on for several years.

(Cliff bought a Mega XL EZ Trading Computer)


Thomas, MD writes:


After several friends told me about Eddie Z I called to get some information for a trading computer I was configuring.  I was pleasantly surprised by the time and information Eddie gave me. As a result of the information, pricing and warranty I ordered an entire trading system from Eddie Z.   It arrived timely, was easily assembled and has operated brilliantly. It is hard to find reputable people and companies who actually deliver what they promise.  I was lucky I called Eddie Z.

(Thomas bought a Viper EZ Trading Computer)


Wayne,  AZ writes:


I found the technical information provided regarding computers as well as what is important for a trading computer very helpful.   The ability to purchase a computer and have it set up to adequately handle multiple monitors right out of the box was a big plus.   One of the things I appreciated the best was the video’s that were supplied to guide the set up of the system.  They were well done and took considerable stress out of the setup.  So far I am very pleased with my experience as well as the equipment.

(Wayne bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)


Lisa, TX writes:


My experience with Eddie Z and EZ Trading Computers has been totally positive.  When I called about purchasing a computer, Eddie asked me a number of qualifying questions to be sure I got the best system for my needs without getting a lot of stuff I really wouldn’t need — that saved me money on the purchase.  The computer arrived quickly, and Eddie’s start up videos helped me to set up my system quickly.  I needed to call Customer Support a couple of times and they were always very helpful — in my experience they went far beyond what I’ve experienced from other “tech support lines”.  I even got follow up personalized emails a week later to be sure the problem had “stayed fixed”.  When I need another computer I will not hesitate to go back to Eddie Z.

(Lisa bought a Firebird EZ Trading Computer)


John, NY writes

I have been very pleased with my Ultra II for its quality and reasonable cost.  I needed a trading PC not a Dell or HP (built for everyone) PC.  I have it connected to three 24” monitors and like the speed of the machine (for back-testing number crunching) and graphics.  I only needed to call for support once and when I got help from your top guy, he took plenty of time to check out my machine, clean it, and tell me how to make best use of the solid state hard drive and terabyte drive.  The machine is kept cool with several fans and I like the gadget that shows the RAM and CPU usage and operating temperatures of the eight cores.  I also love that lifetime technical support is offered, try getting that included in the price from Dell or HP! Thanks Eddie for a great machine

(John bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)


David, CA writes:

My experience with EZ was great.  I feel that you offer great service for a fair price.  The computer I bought from you I love.  Came with an SSD, 17″ High res. display and plenty of power.  It was probably close to half the cost of the big name trading computer sites.

(David bought a 17.3 Customized EZ Laptop)


Carlos Castillo:

After doing an extensive research about the different trading system, I decided to go with the ZR-1 Trading computer. I have had no problems since my purchase.  The system has been running flawlessly, and I have had no need to worry about it. My focus has been on trading instead of trying to figure out what’s happening to my system. Thanks Eddie.

(Carlos bought a ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer)


Roman, IL writes:

I am so happy with my new computer, it’s exactly what I wanted. I am very impressed with the performance of this machine. It’s extremely fast and quiet at the same time and it’s a pleasure to work with it.  It gives me a lot of confidence.  I am using 8 monitors with the computer and so far I haven’t experienced any problems. It’s just perfect. I used to trade with laptops and now I understood the big advantage of this machine. Image quality is excellent. This is my first multiple monitor computer and I was concerned about the mouse issues because a lot of people have this problem with multiple monitors system, but this is not the case, the mouse works super soft and precise, very easily passing from screen to screen. Regarding EZ computer service, I would give 5 stars, quick and useful, even on weekend I received the answer in 5 minutes. I highly recommend EZ Trading Computers.

(Roman bought a Firebird EZ Trading Computer)


Leonard, PA writes:

I have been using computers for many years, with many problems along the way. These problems became even greater when I started day trading. My computer would constantly freeze if I loaded more than one or two applications. It wasn’t until I purchased a computer from EZ Trading Computers that all my problems went away. I highly recommend them.

(Leonard bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)



Cathey, LV writes:

From the assistance in determining the right system to purchase, to the ordering process, to technical support, my experience with EZ Trading Computers was excellent.  I do recommend EZ Trading Computers to everyone I talk with who wants to trade for a living or trade for a hobby.  The process was painless, efficient and the system I purchased more than meets my requirements every day.

(Cathey bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)                    


John, PA writes

Eddie is the consummate computer expert. After 15+years of purchasing HP computer products I feel like I’m driving a Mercedes now. The technical support is second to none to boot, so I fully endorse the  EZ Trading computers.

(John bought an Ultra II EZ Trading Computer)

Kev, MI writes: 

After years of trading on an obsolete computer I decided to make the true initial steps in making my part time hobby into a career.  This meant I needed a reliable computer system that would give me an edge in the marketplace. After a  month search on the internet I was about to purchase a computer from one of the industry’s leading trading computer outfits,  however one final search led me to Eddie Z’s trading computer site.  The videos and document How to buy a trading computer gave me the extra knowledge and information I needed to call his 800 number.  I found in speaking with Eddie that he was very caring, friendly, and knowledgeable of the challenges traders face in the marketplace and he custom built my Radical Ultra XI to my specs.  Thanks Eddie you built me an awesome system, and for anyone looking for a new system Eddie Z is that guy!! 

(Kev bought a Radical Ultra XI EZ Trading Computer) 

Susan L, CA writes: 

Hi Eddie, thanks for your assistance.  I began trading Forex again.  Since you’re a trader yourself, you know the importance of the hardware’s speed and reliability when trading.  Your speed demon gives me more confidence and likely faster trade executions.  Also, EZ provided one stop shopping.  The monitors are great and the rack is solid.  No wonder word of mouth led me to you.   And thanks for the quick and helpful customer service well after the initial purchase.  Years (and years…) from now, I’ll be back for the next generation. 

Susan L, Laguna Niguel, CA -Proud owner of the fastest puter on the planet, or close to it  : ) 

(Susan bought a Radical Extreme EZ Trading Computer) 

Pete,  AZ writes: 

I wanted to drop you a line. I have been running my new Radical Ultra EZ Trading computer for about a month now and I am very happy with the performance. I have the TradeStation platform that choked my old top of the line HP.  With my new computer I am running 4-times as many workspaces with no drop in performance. So far so good Eddie!! 

(Pete bought a Radical Ultra EZ Trading Computer) 

 Zac, MO writes: 

EZ Trading Computers helped me choose the perfect computer for my trading systems.  They helped me transition from my old computer to my new dream computer without worry.  The new computer dwarfed the speed and capacity of my old one, and the new efficiency was something that improved my trading.  Eddie was very helpful through the whole process, I would recommend EZ to anyone. 

 (Zac bought an Ultra-XI EZ Trading Computer) 

Timothy, VA writes: 

Thank you for the help and great price on the system you’re putting together for me.

Eddie, I get so sick and tired of dealing with people that don’t know what they’re talking about.  I know that may sound a little vain but I mean it.  It was refreshing to talk to you!  Life would be so much more pleasant if there were more businesses like yours.  May God bless you, your business, the people that work for you, and your trading. 

(Timothy bought a Customized EZ Trading Computer) 

Jason, South Africa writes

I found Eddie to be extremely responsive either by way of e-mail or through his live chat feature. Any question was answered immediately and nothing was too much trouble for him. I live abroad so this gave me the comfort i needed that i was buying from the right person. The computer is amazingly quick and everything was handled with total professionalism. In future i will deal with only one person. Thank you Eddie! 

(Jason bought an EXTREME EZ Trading Computer) 

Ronald, MA writes: 

Aside from having great prices, customer service is the most important thing to me when dealing with a company.  One thing I like to do before making an expensive purchase is test the customer service .  I emailed EZ Trading Computers 2 big competitors late on a Friday with a question and then I emailed EZ.  Within 15 minutes I got a friendly email from Eddie answering all my questions. It’s been three weeks and I still haven’t heard from (name removed) and the other company took a week to get back to me, so the rest is history.  You can’t beat the prices and customer service with this company. The machine I got is very fast and made with quality parts.  Thanks Eddie Z. 

(Ronald bought an Ultra-ZR1 EZ Trading Computer) 

Anonymous Survey Response: 

Eddie your process is absolutely awesome. Everything arrived ahead of time, the system is well configured and had no problems setting it up. The videos really help. I have recommended you to several students in the Chicago Online Trading Academy. You should talk to the corporate folks and explain what you are doing. Many of the OTA students know they need to upgrade their platform but have no idea how to do it. You offer a great integrated system and have made the component selelction from a traders perspective. Well done! 

Pasquale, MN writes: 

Fast shipping, packed well,  hooked it up and fired it up, it started right up perfectly and within a few minutes I was downloading Ninja and trading.  A fantastic trading computer for the price. Perfect for traders who want to upgrade and get a good value and excellent tech support.  Thanks Eddie. 

(Pasquale bought an Ultra-ZR1 EZ Trading Computer) 

Cynthia, OH writes: 

This is the first computer I’ve ever bought that had everything I need and none of the (garbage) that I don’t want. Usually I have to spend 2 hours just to delete junk software and clean up the registry. I shopped around a lot and the deals I saw at tiger direct etc., had extra hardware that I didn’t need, and not enough of what I needed. The custom trading machines from other places were very expensive and I wasn’t sure that the tweaks were worth the price and I didn’t think I needed them. Since there was no extra hardware or software junk, I got maximum performance for a very fair price and the system ran great out of the box; it was not loaded down with a bunch of junk. For a small extra fee, I received my machine the NEXT DAY! It’s the best machine I’ve ever owned.  Eddie Z rocks! 

(Cynthia bought a Customized Mega XI EZ Trading Computer) 

Janice, MI writes: 

Shipped within a week and ran right outa the box after installing Tradestation.  Runs my custom indicators and automated strategies without a hitch.  Everything has been great thus far. 

(Janice bought an Ultra ZR-1 EZ Trading Computer) 

 Neil R, NY writes: 

I am supremely happy and satisfied with my Radical Ultra EZ Trading Computer. It is the fastest and best-performing computer I’ve ever had. I really appreciate all the time you took to help me decide on the optimum configuration for me. I especially appreciate the great price and the great warranty! Thanks for looking out for us traders! 

Gerry, AZ writes:  

I bought one of these EZ computers and got it 3 days ago and it is absolutely amazing. It’s “Mega” fast and does everything I want it to do and then some. I am not a tech savy guy at all but I love looking inside of it, it looks so cool. I decided to go with a “Radical”, even though Eddie told me it wasn’t necessary for my style of trading.  He didn’t try to “upsell” me a bunch of crap I didn’t need.  I did some comparison shopping and priced it out verses what’s out there and I think I got an amazing deal, and to top it off I got lifetime support.  I know I got an amazing deal. 

(Gerry bought a Radical Mega XI EZ Trading Computer) 

M. Anderson, TX writes: 

I purchased a trading computer and Quad monitor system from EZ Trading Computers. Eddie and his staff have been incredibly helpful and responsive in both configuring the system and answering questions upon its arrival. I’m very pleased and satisfied with this computer system and would heartily endorse EZTrading Computers to every trader interested in a state of the art trading computer. M. Anderson, McKinney Tx. 

(M. bought a Ultra-XI EZ Trading Computer) 

Ray writes: 

Hello Eddie Z and thanks! We spoke yesterday about my slippage problems regarding the CL (crude oil futures).   I did what you said and got (more information on the order entry parameters of my custom indicators).  Due to the way the trading room places orders, I now realize my problem is more of a liquidity issue than anything . You had a great opportunity to sell me something I did not need – and you didn’t. I was all ready to plop down$2 – $3K.  Because of your integrity, my next PC will be coming from you. Thanks again for your help yesterday. 

Stanley, Lagos Nigeria writes: 

After looking at the pricing of a lot of firms (including the big names), I wasn’t so sure what to think when I contacted you – especially because it looked like you were offering me a better trading computer at a better price  than I was planning to get from another firm. I am not only glad to let you know that you saved me well over $2,000 (in cost) and boy your consistency to excellence and prompt delivery was something. I was so excited when my system arrived my doorstep a couple of days later in far away Lagos, Nigeria,  Africa. 

I was even more impressed by the help provided by your support team in walking me through setting up the system and boy when I finally powered it up and began trading with it the following week, it was like nothing I have ever seen before.  Lightning speed and I was not shocked that I raked in good $$$ trading that day. I call it my “good luck” machine. 

Thanks Eddie – where I come from when someone is king of his field, we call him “Igwe” – so your new name is “Igwe Eddie”. Well done and I recommend you without a blink to anyone who is looking for value at a great price…. 

I am still coming back to buy my trading laptops. 

You rock Eddie!!!! 

Thanks Stanley, (fulltime trader) 

(Stanley bought an Extreme EZ Trading Computer) 

Don M, NM writes: 

Dear Eddie Z 

After comparing the trading computers out there, and after reading reviews, I chose your trading computer. My decision was based simply upon the fact that your machine offered more for the money, a decision that most people would, or should make.  After I made my initial inquiry to you, I made the comment that I felt your communication outstanding. One, of course should expect that before making the purchase. It was after the purchase that you and your staff really put yourself above the rest. First, you immediately gave the shipping information. Then after receipt of the computer a problem developed that could happen to anyone who ships computers. A memory chip became dislodged during shipping and failed on initial start up. Your staff had me up in running within one hour, reconfiguring the good chips. Then, a new set of chips were sent which, after arrival were installed in 15 minutes. This, also was performed with the assistance of your wonderful support staff.  Anyone can look good when things go well. It’s how problems are handled that spotlight the First Class Companies. The computer is performing flawlessly with Lightning-Fast speed, daytrading  ES, G6E, ZB and GC3. Thank you for producing a piece of equipment that enables us “little guys” to keep up with the pros. 

(Don bought a Mega Fast i7 SSD EZ Trading Computer) 

Chris Reuter, Il writes:

“decided to go with Eddie Z’s after considerable research.  The Eddie Z’s website was very informative, I ultimately decided that their trading systems were superior to other systems.  The ordering process was easy and the staff was very knowledgeable and very helpful.   Received my pc a few weeks ago and love it.  I have been trading electronically for 10 years and my new system is hands down the fastest I have ever owned.  I have recommended EZ Trading Computers to all of my fellow traders.”   Chris Reuter CME member/24 year veteran. 

 (Chris bought an NNX EZ Trading Computer) 

Stewart, PA writes: 

Hey Eddie — Thanks for the great computer.  I have been using it for about a month, and it’s doing everything you said it would.  I have mentioned your website to a couple of trader friends who have been having trouble finding a computer.  I am sure you will take good care of them.  Thanks again.  (Stewart bought a Mega Fast EZ Trading Computer) 

Michael, NC writes: 

I was looking for a trading computer that had all the components that I needed to be a full time day trader. There were a few websites that gave information, but did not explain the actual components that make up the computer. That is where EZ  Trading Computers and Eddie came it. He took the time to go over every component with me and tell me why he likes them and most importantly what their warranties are on all the hardware. Rest assured you are getting a superior computer at a very competitive price. (Michael bought an Ultra Mega i7 EZ Trading Computer) 

Glynn, Texas writes: 

Wanted to thank you for the excellent service on buying the computer. It is awesome. I can now run several programs on 4 monitors with no problems. (Glynn bought an Ultra Mega i7 EZ Trading Computer) 

Matt, TX writes: 

Just wanted to thank you for delivering a superior product at a fair price. I DIDN’T REALIZE HOW MUCH MY OLD COMPUTER WAS ACTUALLY COSTING ME ! The computer does everything I ask it to, IN REAL TME.  Above everything else, the customer service and technical support has been EXCELLENT.  I have recommended this computer to all my peers.  (Matt bought a Mega Fast i7 EZ Trading Computer) 

Jeff N, CO writes: 

I received my new Trading PC yesterday, a day early. Everything is just as advertised and running great. Thank you for the attentive customer service and most of all a superb quality trading machine.  I know without hesitation where I’ll be purchasing my next machine,  EZTradingComputers.  (Jeff bought a Mega Fast i7 EZ Trading Computer) 

David, NY writes: 

Hi Eddie, Just wanted to let you know that I got my new computer last Wednesday and it is fine. Just some minor tech support needed and help configuring the monitors. Nice to have the Real Estate to open my charts. I am very happy with the setup and want to thank you for yourable assistance.  (David bought an Ultra Mega i7 EZ Trading Computer) 

David J, NY writes: 

As prop traders, we need our computer systems to work smoothly in order to trade effectively. When we purchased trading machines a couple of years ago from (xxx), a few of them crashed. It was a disaster. We realized that the company we had been using was reactive and not proactive. We made a decision to switch to EZ Trading Computers. 

It has made a huge difference. Eddie Z knows exactly what we need and gives us advice about upgrades to our systems. Choosing Eddie Z was a smart business decision. We let him handle all of our computer needs so we can focus on trading.  (David bought several customized Ultra Mega i7 EZ Trading Computers for his proprietary trading desk) 

Scott, AL writes: 

I did a lot of homework before I bought my new trading computer. After all of my research, I decided to go with Eddie Z and I am still pleased with my decision. Eddie, a trader himself, knew exactly what I needed to be successful as a full-time day trader. Friends of mine who work on trade desks (at a regional bank in my town) came to my house recently for a party and were literally “blown-away” at my trading computer! In fact, one friend told me “I wish we had this setup on our desk”.  Thanks for all of your help, Eddie! (Soctt bought a customized Mega Fast i7 EZ Trading Computer)   

Bruce, Tampa writes: 

I recently purchased a trading computer from Eddie.  He was very helpful in educating me on what to look for and what was needed in a great trading computer.  The computer arrived earlier than expected and is working great.  I would definitely do business with Eddie again.  (Bruce bought a Mega Fast EZ Trading Computer) 

Greg G, Pennsylvania writes: 

Your free guide made all the difference in the world.  (Greg bought a Mega Fast SSD EZ Trading Computer) 

Joe B, California writes: 

Thanks Eddie, I didn’t realize how slow my computer was until I got my EZ.  It’s really awesome! And thanks for all the advice. (Joe bought a Mega Fast SSD EZ Trading Computer). 

JR, Delaware writes: 

The last “Trading Computer” company sold me a computer with 8 GB of RAM and never told my operating system (Win XP (32 bit)) would’t recognize it all.   They charged me way over $3000.00.  This Ultra Mega blows my other computer away.  I love it.  Your stock picks are really good too.  (JR bought an Ultra Mega EZ Trading Computer) 

Phil B, New York writes: 

Thanks Eddie Z.  My computer is super!  (Phil bought a Radical Mega Fast EZ Trading Computer) 

Don T. Colorado writes:

Eddie Z knows his stuff!  Without his counsel I would have made many expensive mistakes.  He guided me to a machine, which meets all of my needs, and performance exceeds his promises. (Don bought an Ultra Mega i7 EZ Trader System) 

Dr Bob from California writes: 

Hi “Eddie Z”:

I received my computer on time and in perfect shape.  It is running like a scalded dog (that means FAST).  It runs TradeStation faster than any computer I have witnessed.  The solid state hard drive is the bomb.  The technician that downloaded all my files was extremely impressed and a couple of customers there said to me:  “where the hell can I get one of those?” I told them about a guy named Eddie Z.    Thanks a bunch,

 (Dr. Bob bought an Ultra Mega i7 SSD EZ Trader System) 


Jeff from Texas writes: 

Hey Eddie, Just wanted to let you know I received my computer and its awesome! Just plugged it in and started using it, everything was all set up and ready to go. Love the look and fans are great and it is sooo fast. Thanks again for all your help. Today was the first day trading all day and its flawless! (Jeff bought an Ultra Mega i7 EZ Trader System) 













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