Stock Trading Computers

So what differentiates  Stock Trading Computers versus standard computers?  What do Traders need that is different?  There are several key differences.  Traders need the most up to date processors in their computers.  They need a CPU that can process charting software, quantitative computerized trading strategies, real time data, video feeds and also have lightning fast communication with the internet.  All of these processes have to work together simultaneously in real time!

Next they want to have a ton of RAM.  When traders are running multiple sophisticated trading programs and bringing in tons of data, that information has to stay in active memory to be useful.  Otherwise, the computer will write the information to hard drive and valuable decision making time will be lost.

Additionally, the best stock trading computers have a massive amount of desktop real estate.  This is so traders can keep track of prices, charts, indicators and news all at once without having to constantly click and mouse around. Usually this means 3 or more large flat screen monitors.  It could even be 12 or more!

Another important aspect of Stock Trading Computers is connection with the internet.  Even if you have a lightning fast broadband provider, if your computer is not equipped to handle the speed, valuable decision making and order execution time can be lost.

An important feature of any stock trading computer is absolute dependability.  This means having the highest quality components inside the machine including the processor, motherboard, hard drives and power supply.  Could you imagine being in the middle of a trade and having your computer crash?

Backup systems are another very important part of stock trading computers.  Battery backups, surge protects, multiple hard drives, etc. are extremely important.

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