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Pam from Minnesota wrote the following about EZ Trading Computers:

I searched around for a new computer and checked around. On the advice of another Trader I checked out EZ Trading Computers and I really liked what I saw- so Icalled Eddie Z. Eddie helped me out and I purchased a ZR-X with a couple add-ons and 4-24” screens and stand (nice).  I asked about medical keyboard and got that, highly recommended as it is washed in dishwasher and is a nice keyboard.

Trader that told me about EZ Trading Computers and  raved about support. I have not had any problems, but had to call about a purchase of battery backup ups, got 2000va one.  Every other time I call I get prompt service. Will buy again from Eddie Z.

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Here is a review written to Eddie Z at EZ Trading Computers regarding a Laptop for trading that he is extremely pleased with:

I wanted to let you know just how happy I am with the computer you helped me choose.  I started trading with my regular work lap top about 2 years ago and was getting frustrated with the lack of power it had to keep up with the trading platform.  I purchased another lap top with a better processor and ram but found that this still was not enough to handle the trading information efficiently.  When I heard about your company and made some phone calls, I was relieved to find out that there really is a laptop that can handle all the trading I can throw at it.  I am so appreciative of the laptop I have now and what it can do.  Thank you very much for providing the Trading community with the essential tool it needs to succeed.

Most Sincerely,

Carl from California


Trading Computers – Best Keyboard & Mouse

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What Should Come with Your Trading Computer

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Having Trading Computers Built Just for You

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Buying A High Quality Trading Computer

Mistakes are things that day traders can’t afford to make, and with a low-quality traditional computer, you may face many errors that may end up costing you. The first and biggest mistake in this scenario is using a computer that wasn’t built for the purpose of day trading. Today, you can find plenty of manufacturers that can sell you a trading computer that will exceed the expectations of a store-bought machine. A trading computer is much more than your everyday laptop or desktop because it has high efficiency – this includes an above-average process, memory RAM, multiple monitors and an ultimate hard drive. When it comes down to buying a computer for trading, you will need to know your stuff to ensure that you’re not getting ripped off by one of the many con artists out there who are preying on traders needing better machine Read the rest of this entry »

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Trading Computers and Slippage

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