EZ Trading Computers Releases First-Ever Trading Computer using Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge-E


EZ Trading Computers Releases First-Ever Trading Computer using Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge-E

EZ Trading Computers, a top-tier custom trading computer manufacturer, announces release of first-ever trading computer using Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge-E.

 Las Vegas, NV – November 18, 2011 – EZ Trading Computers is a reputable company that offers day traders high quality computing systems. In an effort to keep up with the demands of the professional trading community, EZ Trading Computers is the first to launch a faster and more powerful computer called “The Viper”, which uses the brand new Intel Core i7 processor series, codenamed Sandy Bridge-E. This new technology supersedes its predecessor with more cores, more cache, more memory channels and more PCI Express connectivity, resulting in more computing power and speed.

 With the Sandy Bridge Extreme processor, “The Viper” has an average between 42% and 52% faster speeds (3.2Ghz and up to 3.8GHz w/ Turbo) than the Intel Core i7-2600 and has over 100% improvement in performance increase for memory bandwidth. It also has substantial 40 PCI-E lanes, giving its platform a much bigger boost. Overall, this allows day traders the power and speed they need to stay on top of their game and ahead of the crowd.

 “The new Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge-E models are a big step up in speed from the first Sandy Bridge released earlier this year, and a quantum leap from the original Core i7 released 2 years ago.  Traders will benefit greatly from the release of “The Viper” and its ability to handle the massive amounts of real-time data that the markets generate.   One of the biggest problems facing traders today is a phenomenon called “slippage”.  Slippage is when the trader enters an order to buy or sell and the price he/she filled out is different from what was expected.  This happens because the price data the trader is working with is ½ a second to several seconds old; therefore stale. This is usually a result of trading on an older computer that can’t process all the real-time data in “real time”.  The Viper will give traders of all types, the speed and power they need to handle literally hundreds of indicators and over multiple time periods without the slightest chance of slippage,” explained Eddie Z, the President of EZ Trading Computers.

 Day traders looking for better performance and accuracy can purchase “The Viper”, built by EZ Trading Computers. This system is specifically tailored towards the trading field, offering many immense components, including multiple monitor support, high speeds and mass capacities for data storage.

 EZ Trading Computers offers a one-stop shop for day traders looking for the ultimate computing systems at below-market prices. The company has built custom machines for top trading experts like Larry Levin from Trading Advantage, Dr. Dan Mielcarski from Ifund Traders and scores of other private equity funds, hedge funds and professional traders. To find out more about EZ Trading Computers, get the free buyer’s guide to the right.

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