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My Name is Eddie Z and I am the author of How to Buy a Trading Computer & Save Thousands.  I have been trading the financial markets electronically for over 15 years,  and during that time I have come to learn what  technology online traders need,  what works best  and what does not.  This is one article in a series of EZ Tips on How to Buy a Trading Computer.  My goal in this series is to educate you, inform you, and hopefully save you over  1000 dollars on your next trading system.  Everyday people ask me what  s the deal with Warranties and Technical Support?  So I did some research to see what traders and computer users of all kinds value in technical support.  Here is what I found. First they want Top Notch Communication Skills.  A qualified technical support rep should be able to talk to people who are at any level of experience with computers and who have any type of personality.  This means being able to listen, be patient, friendly, tactful, confident and reassuring to people who could sometimes be panicking.  It means being able to clearly explain why a problem happened and how it can be avoided in the future. Next a good rep should have Technical Expertise.  This person must actually like working  with computers and be familiar with a multitude of configurations and technologies and how they all work together. Lastly, the tech support persons should have Problem Solving Skills.  The person should be able to diagnose your problem quickly and logically.   The conclusion of this research is that people want to be able to easily communicate with a knowledgeable rep who speaks their language and can quickly solve their problem.  Let me ask you, how can that happen when your technical support calls are routed to some call center in India?  It just can  t.  How can that happen when your technical support is shuffled off to some third party provider?  Again it can  t.  Next let  s look at What is a Good Warranty on computer hardware:  Well the average hardware warranty on desktops and notebooks these days, according to CNET, is one year on parts and labor and generally this does not cover any type of shipping charge to a repair facility and has a multitude of exclusions.  Even the legendary Apple computer company only covers their computers for 1 year.
Since the useful life of a computer system is at least 3 years, the ideal warranty would cover that entire 3 year period.  Additionally, it would cover any shipping charges incurred and it would be handled by people familiar with your configuration.  The  ideal warranty will also have a money back guarantee period of at least 30 days from delivery.
So before you buy a trading computer, please review the company  s warranty and technical support information.  Make sure the company really backs up their products!
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