Trading Computers – Best Keyboard & Mouse

Whether you are a traditional investor, day trader, or swing trader, you’ve probably wondered what is best Keyboard & Mouse Setup. Should you go wireless? What works the best?

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Here is a simple tip that I personally guarantee will save you money and heartache.

A question I get from customers nearly every day is “What is your opinion on using a wireless mouse and keyboard” …

And the simple answer is that I highly recommend you stay wired in. I understand the point that wireless looks really sleek and eliminates clutter but I can tell the mouse battery on wireless devices is extremely unpredictable. It only seems to go dead when you are putting in order, raising a stop or trying to do something on the fly. It feels like Murphy’s :aw. Over the years it has cost me at least $1000 in missed trades before I went back to wired.

Another issue is connectivity, your battery may not be dead but for some reason your wireless devices can lose connectivity with the transmitter, again resulting in missed trades.

If you absolutely insist on staying wireless, one strategy could be to have another wired mouse also connected but hidden behind the monitors so if that wireless mouse battery goes dead you have a backup ready to go and on call so you don’t miss that trade!

Everything you consider with your trading computer should be about avoiding bad executions.

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