Can Apple Computers and Products be used for Trading?

Many New and Veteran traders alike have made the mistake of thinking that they can trade on Apple Computer or even an Ipad.  I have spoken to dozens of people who are trying to convert their Macbook or Imac into a trading computer or have gone out and purchased an Apple product without doing their research first.  The bottom line is that Apple products do NOT work for active traders.  There are several reasons why.

Perhaps the biggest reason was the ego of Steve Jobs.  From the very beginning at Apple, Jobs wanted to have complete control over the entire product.  This meant that he wanted Apple to control all the hardware, components, operation system software and applications.  In fact, on most Apple products it’s nearly impossible to open up the case and upgrade or customize the components.  If you do find screw holes, there is no chance that you will find a screwdriver that fits!

On the applications side, Apple did not allow others to develop software for the Apple without Jobs’ consent.  The source code of the Apple Operating System is secret to this day.   Early on, Apple allowed Microsoft to develop software for the early Apple computers but even in the 1980s, Bill Gates realized that Jobs’ attitude towards being in control would hurt sales; and after a time even Microsoft didn’t want to invest in developing software for the Apple.  This closed attitude forced Wall Street trading software developers to focus strictly on PC based products.  

I have spoken to some brave folk who have attempted to load a parallel version of Windows or something called “Bootcamp” in an effort to install a trading platform.  The problem is it never works right.  The software loads but competes for the resources so much that it bogs down and freezes the machine.   Besides the Operating System conflict happening here, the processors in most Apple computers have a fraction of the processing power of Intel PC products AND they cost more!

How about trading applications on an Ipad?  For the average Joe just checking a few stock quotes that is fine but forget about actively day trading.  Besides the above mentioned Operating System problem, these devices are extremely underpowered compared to standard Intel based PC Laptop.  Fast navigation on a Ipad is impossible relative to using a mouse.  The Ipad is designed for multiple media products like books, music and movies; NOT professional trading.

So before purchasing a computer for trading, I highly recommend that you do some research to determine what the best products for trading are.  A great place to get more information is by getting a copy of the free guide.

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